To the American People,

Today marks not the day of success for some of you in the pursuit of ‘health care’ for all, but the day that the federalist-minded remnant of us finally became galvanized against an ever creeping government.  Today does not mark the death of America.  Today marks the start of an intellectual revolution.

All you who value entitlement over liberty, who extoll the virtues of iniquity in the name of honor and fairness, and self over God, will in all certainly find yourselves caught up together in the web of your own deceit.

We who remain strong and dedicated will forge on towards the righteous cause of self governance.  We will not look to you to defend our liberties, our lives, or our security.  We will not trust in you to preserve the glowing beacon of freedom, the shining city on the hill.  We will not expect you to honor the glorious endowment of rights, bestowed upon us by our Creator.

We will instead press forward without cowardice nor remorse, looking ahead to the eternal promise of freedom that still glows deep and true in the hearts of those filled with the American spirit, a flame which is not so easily extinguished.

We do therefore bid you farewell and wish you great success in licking the hand that feeds you and kissing the boot that crushes you.  May your chains of servitude rest lightly upon you, and may God and our children forget that you were our countrymen.

In love of liberty,

The Bulletproof Patriot


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