Scott Walker has defeated Tom Barrett to retain his seat as governor of Wisconsin [1].  While Walker’s first victory over Barrett in 2010 was by a margin of 6% [2], the rematch this evening was a slide in Walker’s favor by nearly 8% [3].  The media has remained focused on what the Walker victory means for public employee unions – this, however, misses several larger points which deserve much more national attention:

  1. After Walker signed legislation revoking the right of public employees to unionize, non-public sector labor unions saw their membership rolls drop by 50% [4] due to a provision in the bill which prevented forced union membership and forced payment of dues by employees in certain service sectors.  Apparently, libertarians were correct in their claim that unions are not truly representative of the members – particularly those who had no interest in joining in the first place.
  2. When Walker busted the public sector unions, the left went nuts – teachers, police, and firefighters were all supposedly going to be laid off in order to advance Walker’s personal agenda.  However, seeing that half of private union members quit after being legally allowed to do so and more Wisconsin voters were in favor of Walker after the unions were busted, this shows that taking the small government steps, while scary (since we’ve been addicted to government for most of the previous century), isn’t so bad after all and life is, in fact, better on the other side.
  3. Relating to point (2), Walker turned a $3 billion deficit into a small surplus, all without firing teachers, police, or firefighters.  He also managed to achieve a state unemployment rate below the national average.  Go figure.  When the voters saw this, the whole “unions are vital to your job security!!!!” thing went out the window.
  4. The voters saw through the Progressive cloak and discovered that unions aren’t as important as they claim to be.  The same goes with every other Progressive value – we will survive without social security or Medicare, we will do fine with reduced taxation and government spending, we will survive budget cuts and deficit reduction, and we will survive as individuals, families, and communities without the need for social or economic justice.
  5. Small government, libertarian values win.  They aren’t insane, radical, or unpopular.  When they are tried and the people are returned their own liberties, everybody wins (except union thugs).  Even in Wisconsin.
  6. The TEA Party isn’t nearly as dead as the media seems to believe.
  7. As a consequence of the previous six points, President Obama should be quaking in his boots.  The voters have discovered that intrusive, ‘Nanny State’ government is not vital to their existence.

In love of liberty,

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